Monday, November 30, 2009

Sonnensystem - Sun System


We are somewhat at the end and the beginning
And we also stick together for the first time
Enemies become friends, lie in each others arms
Who would have thought this?
We stand at the orbit, no matter where to
Hold 6 billions of thumbs into the wind
Who know if we are still alive tomorrow?
The look goes out into the night
What have we done wrong?

Hello spaceship captain
Hello have you seen this?
All the stars are misssing
In the black sun system
In the black sun system

Some say they've seen something
Some believe it's only temporary
For moment all hearts stop
Have so long felt nothing anymore
Have chilled down too much

I fall through the night
And search for you
Everything breaks deep inside of me
The dreams burn
The love freezes
We scream together alone

Für immer jetzt - Forever Now

I see you cry
And nobody wipes away your tears
I hear you scream
Because the silence is suffocating you
I feel your heart
It is as lonely as you are
Let yourself fall
Close your eyes

The world stops for you
Here in my arms
Forever now

When you search
And in process lose yourself (in it)
Then I find you
And take you back to me

We put our shards together
We are one like Yin and Yang
Do you feel me
When you breath?
Do you feel me
When there's nobody?

Do you feel me
When you breathe
Do you feel me
Here in my arms
For one day
For one night
For one moment
In which you laugh
We break through time
Against every law
Forever you and me
Forever now

Ich Brech Aus - I'm Breaking Out

This isn't on the new Humanoid Album... but I don't think I have it up here....
I have a different plan today
And it has nothing to do with you
I tightly hold on to it
With my back against the wall, against the wall

Everything in me is your fault
I never wanted all of this
But you leave no other choice
That's the last time now, the last time

I feel so
Claustrophobically tight
Make room
Before I blast this place
You won't
Stop me
I'm breaking out

I warn you, don't follow me
The world is happy without you
What you wanted has died away
I am what happens now, what happens now

Cold sweat on your forehead
You can hear me scream now
Soon everything will be over for you
I'll pull out your plug, pull out your plug

Your lies have been told
Your last shot has missed me
It's too late, too late

Alien - Alien

My heart fights
Against me
Like an alien inside of me
I stand up
Turn around
Everything covered in blood
I look at the mirror
And there it is written

Animate me with your love
I finally want to be with you

I am sick
Without you
I have already tried every
And now I let
Myself go
Lay down on the embers
And look up to the sky
And hear your voice

Animate me with your love
I finally want to be with you
Animate me with new life
Do you hear my soul

Wake me up from this
An alien seeking love
Let me go, let me out of here
An alien seeking love
Your love

Komm - Come

Do you also feel it
Electricity and engergy
Like in neoprene*
Under your skin
Endlessly far
Descended in you
Beats your heart
In rapture of the deep
In search for the light
Just like you and me

The night is bright
Escape the world
Let yourself fall
To fly
The sky burns
Let yourself fall
To fly

Everything new
Like a prototype
We write
Where nothing exists anymore
We are weightless
Do you want more?
Do you never want to go back?
Do you want everything?
Then come with (me)
We search for the light
The two of us, you and me

Do you come with me?
Do you come with me?
Do you come with me?
Do you come with me?
Come with me!

Take my hand
We are alone
Together everything will
Be different

You and I escape
The world
Hello ...

Neoprene - A synthetic rubber produced by polymerization of chloroprene and used in weather-resistant products, adhesives, shoe soles, sportswear, paints, and rocket fuels. (

Automatisch - Automatic


So automatic
You're like a machine
Your heart doesn't beat for me

So Automatic

So automatic
Touching me
Your hands
Sense all, except for you

So automatic
Your voice- electric
Where are you, if she speaks?

so automatic
like you think, i am necessary to you
Who programmed you?

When you laugh
You don't laugh
when you cry
You don't Cry
When you feel
you don't feel
Because you are without love

Like automatic
I'm racing through every road
And none lead to you

Like automatic
I'm pursuing your shadow
And grasping cold to myself

You're like
remote controlled
static and
so automatic

When you laugh
You don't laugh
when you cry
You don't Cry
When you feel
you don't feel
Because you are without love (you are...)

Only Automatic
So Automatic

Your look so blank
I can no longer
All by yourself
As if rehearsed
You stand before me
And were never really here

When you laugh
You don't laugh
When you cry
(you don't cry)

When you laugh
You don't laugh

When you cry
You don't cry

When you laugh
You don't laugh
when you cry
You don't Cry
When you feel
you don't feel)
Because you are without love (you are...

(When you feel)
Only Automatic
(You don't feel)
(because you are...)
So automatic
(...without love)

Lass uns Laufen - Let Us Run

The rain is gray
Outside and in here
It is gray
Dark walls have blocked my escape [lit: vanishing point]
The lights go off
I close all doors
The rooms full of visions from you
My heartbeat lets the ground vibrate
I have nothing to lose anymore

Let us run
When darkness comes
Somewhere our future has started
Behind the horizon
Oh let us run
Until the night is lightening
And until the last rain
Of the world
Falls apart over our heads

I walk on the rails
I let myself be dragged along with the clouds
And count every step
Without meaning
To somewhere or other

I don't know what's coming
I don't know what has been
I only know
That you're not there anymore
The wind wakes me up
I realize that I am running

How deep is too deep
How far is too far
Where is the beginning
And the end of the time
Give me a meaning
Please bring me there